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About Apollo

Management Expertise

Apollo Investment Corporation is led by John Hannan and James Zelter and supported by an experienced team of investment professionals. Mr. Hannan is a founding partner of Apollo Global Management, LLC ("AGM") and has been involved in all aspects of AGM's investment activities, including serving as a member of AGM's investment committee. Mr. Zelter has substantial experience in leveraged finance at Citigroup (and it's predecessor companies).

Messrs. Hannan and Zelter have a more than 50 years of combined experience in leveraged finance, private equity and distressed debt investing. Apollo Investment Corporation has access to the resources and expertise of AGM's investment professionals, led by AGM's co-founder and senior partner, Leon Black.

Our management team's broad expertise and its ability to draw upon AGM's many years of experience will enable Apollo Investment Corporation to identify, assess and structure investments successfully across all levels of a company's capital structure and to manage potential risk and return at all stages of the economic cycle.